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How just at the very last minute, this cabaret show got canceled and we saved the day

It was late in the summer of 2021, so people had to celebrate according to certain constraints, but these were quite minimal at that time. We got a call from the city hall of a city outside of Toronto saying that the headline act of their big community event, scheduled for the very next day, was a cabaret show that could not play. Turns out that one of the lead performers got COVID and infected all of the cast. They announced it as soon as they knew, but by then the organizers were stuck. 

The last thing they wanted was to cancel yet another community event. Especially less than 24 hours before showtime, when canceling or making changes is costly and complicated… 

They asked us if we could produce a whole cabaret show with 7 different acts, for a diverse audience.
We said yes. We always do.

24 hours later – the show went smoothly. No one knew that the cabaret show was being played by another company.

“It was phenomenal!!! You have been brilliant!!! I still can’t thank you enough. Had you not been able to help us it would have been another canceled show. Now we get to show the community that these events can still continue.“

Shelley W.
Community Services Dept.
Town of Aurora

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