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What’s the Difference Between a One Performer Circus Show and Dispatch Talent’s Cabaret Show?

Let’s skip the usual stuff. You pay a lot for that one performer circus show that includes

  • PThe same boring acts that you usually see on YouTube
  • PLow quality entertainment
  • PPossible reschedule of events because of bad weather conditions
  • PLess precautionary measures that lead to a terrible event

They’re not only mind numbing but also dangerous.

With Dispatch Talent, we’ll give you a world class full-course Cabaret Show experience. Try all of these excellent cuisines that would satisfy your cravings with more than what you expect. The talents we dispatch will make you want more. What’s more is that we got everything covered with safety, entertainment guaranteed rain or shine.

The Little Tent that Bigs Up Events!

Step right up to the Little Big Top, a magnificent 30-foot circular circus tent that can fit up to 100 people. Perfect for festivals that want to secure a spectacular tented venue that offers lots of pizzazz! If you’re thinking of renting a tent for an event or reception, why not bring the big top without the big budget? We provide the talent, the tent and the entertainment. You can have 30 minute shows or all day. It’s set up in an afternoon and can be taken down in a few hours.

It’s intensively terrific!

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With a wide range of phenomenal 5-star-rated performers, Dispatch Talent creates memories for your guests that last a lifetime.. Well-organized and professional, we are a one-stop shop for any event that needs zing! We work great as a team, and we give only the best of the best to you because we want to be your go-to resource for entertainers.
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