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Spencer Scurr

Toronto, ON
Services: Closeup Magic
Events: All Event Types | Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

For the past 10 Years, Spencer has brought his magic up close to amazed audiences with hundreds of performances at events throughout the Toronto area. Spencer has also taken his magic around North America, performing regularly at Detroit's Motor City Casino, Entertaining New Years guests at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, and training with some of magic's top minds in Las Vegas. If you're planning an event, you want something that will make your guests feel special, a fun & lively atmosphere that will get people socializing, and most of all, you want it to be what everybody is talking about the next day. With this in mind, Spencer's performances are crafted to break the ice between groups of strangers, get people interacting and leave them with a story to tell. Performances can be done standing or at tables and can be tailored to suit your event. Unlike other live entertainment, Spencer mingles with the crowd throughout the night, giving each group their own personal performance, getting them involved with the magic and leaving everyone with a memento and a story they can't wait to share.

The Silver Starlets

Beamsville, ON
Services: Acrobats | Artist | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Circus | Comic | Contortionist | Entertainers | Family Show | Glow | Stage Show
Events: Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

The Silver Starlets is an all-female aerial acrobatic show. Full of glam, glitz and glitter, the Starlets use a 20 foot free-standing trapeze rig as their stage. They twist, tumble, bend, climb and fall, getting the audience cheering, laughing and sometimes even dancing right along with them. But don't let their tutus fool you; The Silver Starlets captivate their audience with family-friendly charm, beautiful grace, and amazing strength. These girls don’t sweat...they sparkle!

Franxi Natra Clowna

Berlin, BER
Services: Artist | Circus | Clown | Comic | Fire | Hula Hooper | Stage Show
Events: All Event Types | Festival | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival

Mighty Mike

Toronto, ON
Services: Circus | Entertainers | Family Show | Juggler | Stage Show
Events: Birthday | Dinner Party | Holiday Party | Wedding

Step Right Up! Witness Mighty Mike throwing around bowling balls and sledgehammers as if light as a feather... while wearing a 1920s style bathing suit. You’ll be amazed as he drives nails through boards with his hand, bends horseshoes, and tears packs of cards, but try not to laugh at his dance routines. *People's Choice Winner Halifax International Buskerfest 2017*

Halton JAZZ Singers

Oakville, ON
Services: Entertainers | Music | Singers & Bands | Stage Show
Events: All Event Types

Halton JAZZ Singers are a vocal jazz group of talented, skilled & entertaining singer musicians with a vocal sound reminiscent of Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices, Uptown Vocal Jazz and Liebert, Hendricks & Ross! Their appeal is universal - their sound is AMAZING! Each one is a skillful performer & together they are DYNAMITE!

The Silly People

Toronto, ON
Services: Balloons | Circus | Comic | Entertainers | Family Show | Juggler | Stage Show
Events: All Event Types

The Silly People hail from Kitchener and Toronto, they have been traveling the globe performing their "Free-Style Comedy" shows for over 25 years. With a perfect blend of circus skills like juggling, traditional yo-yo's and Chinese yo-yo (diabolo) they also include many original audience participation routines like their award-winning world famous Balloon Duel routine and 21 trick questions routine. Giving away money, candy and of course laughter, these two professionals can be relied on to make any event that much better. With over 4 hours of routines, shows can be tailored to almost any situation and range from 10 - 45 minutes. They also make great MC's using their quick wit and gifts of random useless knowledge.

Tim Burr! Circus Lumberjack

Toronto, ON
Services: Childrens Performer | Circus | Clown | Entertainers | Family Show | Fire | Juggler | Stage Show
Events: All Event Types

The Tim Burr Comedy Circus Lumberjack Show is a Tree-mendous choice for your Fair or Festival. Families clamber out of the woodwork to root for Tim Burr as he attempts to juggle a running chainsaw or perform a "graceful" log-rolling stunt high in the air while juggling axes. Audiences are left pining for more and simply can't help but fall for this all-Canadian funny feller, let's hope he doesn't fall on them...TimBurr! Jeff Kearns (Tim Burr) is a seasoned variety entertainer with 25+ years of experience.


Toronto, ON
Services: Music
Events: Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Community Event | Festival | Private Party | Stage Show | Street Festival

DRUM CIRCLES For All Occasions Schools/ Bar/Bat Mitzvahs / Birthdays /Anniversaries Drums are one of the most primitive forms of communication and have been used for thousands of years. Apart from being used in modern music, drums and rhythm can be used to create unity within a group of people. A drum circle is a group exercise lead by a facilitator that allows everyone in the group to speak up by using their own percussive voice while contributing to the group’s musical adventure. Everyone plays a part in creating a spontaneous piece of music. Instruments such as Djembe’s, Ashiko’s, Djun’s Djun’s from West Africa, bongos from Cuba and many other accessories such as shakers, bells, tambourines and more will be used. Many listening games will be part of this session making it fun for all ages. The benefits, aside from being extremely enjoyable, are: • Teach team building in a new unique way • Stimulate creative thought processes • Promote cooperation versus competition • Demonstrate individual effect on the large whole • Encourage clear communication • Develop listening and expressing skills • Inspire community involvement (great for families & friends) • Define common ground between participants • Develop confidence Drum circles are beneficial to people of all ages. Jeff has designed a program that is entertaining, fun, unique for groups sizes between 25-500 people. For more detailed information, you can visit the website or contact Jeff - 416-564-9802

Axiom Circus

Toronto, ON
Services: Circus | Clown | Dancer | Entertainers | Family Show | Fire | Glow | Juggler | Stage Show | Stilts | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

- Stilt performance - Vibrant LED shows - Breathtaking fire performance - Trick whip cracking performance/ western circus tricks - Knife juggling and unbelievable performance with axes. - Outstanding costuming and characters - Entertainment for all age groups and events. @axiom_circus

Katie Gutz

Belleville, ON
Services: Bartenders | Circus | Entertainers | Fire | Glow | Hula Hooper | Juggler | Tarot
Events: All Event Types

Becca Cala Roarr!

Mississauga, ON
Services: Artist | Bartenders | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Circus | Comic | Dancer | DJ | Emcee | Entertainers | Face Painting | Fire | Glow | MC | Music | Singers & Bands | Stage Show | Stand up comedy
Events: Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16

HelLlo, I am an Artist of many mediums and 4 sure 1 of The MOST Entertaining acts You ever see /* saw! I am not afraid to sound narcissistic about it either because I have worked hard enough to deserve it! I have danced for many years and I have also figure skated so I can dance on ices as well, I have my little fire blasters that I use for my dances occasionally. I am a choreographer extrordinaire! from street stomp style hip hop to epic lyrical and interperative; I can have a dance done easy as 1 2 3 for any mood! I also Like and do Philosophy. I luv to have fun most of all! for me it feels like a little prize when some thing new, colorful and exciting has been discovered, There is always an adventurous feel about my shows. Roarr!

Sharon Mahoney

Victoria, BC
Services: Comic | Entertainers | Juggler | Stand up comedy
Events: All Event Types

Meet Sharon from Canada, your typical Canadian - polite, patriotic, politically correct and extremely passive aggressive. With a little 'help' from the audience, she transforms into her more direct and domineering counterpart; Miss Talulah and shows what being a libertine is all about. A feminine comedian powerhouse. "Sharon from Canada is brilliant, very funny, charming and endearing." Bridget Bantick - Associate Director The Melbourne International Comedy Festival


peterborough, ON
Services: Hula Hooper
Events: All Event Types

Nimkii is Odawa from Wiikwemkoongsing, Unceded First Nations.

Aurialis Flow

Toronto, ON
Services: Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Entertainers | Fire | Glow | Juggler
Events: All Event Types

Aurialis Flow seeks to light up people's imaginations through FIRE and LED shows using a fusion of dance and object manipulation. Shows range from 5-20min long, or an option for roaming performances/multiple sets of different acts.

the Circus Drummer

Toronto, ON
Services: Clown | Entertainers | Fire | Glow | Juggler | Music | Singers & Bands | Stilts | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

When Drumming Skills meet Circus Debauchery!!! Very professional and custom to any event weather you want futuristic LED drum juggling or a stilt-ing fire spinning drummer clown anything is possible with the Circus Drummer!! Big Fun and Loud!


Toronto, ON
Services: DJ | Entertainers
Events: All Event Types

Toronto Entertainer who is can host a show or be the DJ in the background making everyone dance. 5+ Year experience in clubs, parties and corporate events.

Jack Pine: The 9' Lumberjack

Kitchener, ON
Services: Child Entertainment | Circus | Entertainers | Stilts
Events: All Event Types

With big muscles and an even bigger personality, 9-foot-tall Lumberjack Jack Pine will give you a healthy dose of classic Canadian humour and looks. A roaming, interactive stilt-walking performer that will delight kids and adults alike!

Alissa Baltazar Photography

Toronto, ON
Services: Photographers
Events: All Event Types

- fashion and beauty - business and actors headshots - dancers - weddings and events Shooting fashion is my favorite.  I love to create remarkable editorials as a result of collaborating with an original team.  During the last two years, I have been published in twenty independent print magazines and a few online publications. In my portrait photography, I strive to bring some elements from fashion and beauty, as everyone would like to look like a model from a magazine cover.  My biggest goal is to find the best angle for each person and to make them look better than ever before.   I travel all over GTA and Golden Hourse Shoe.

Event Host & Improvisor

Calgary, AB
Services: Emcee
Events: All Event Types

Renée is an event host and emcee for small and large stages. Her areas of experience include technology, entrepreneurship & corporate events, conferences, pitch fests, music, film, and comedy festivals, talent shows and award ceremonies. Renée also offers corporate & speaker training, teaches improv to all age groups, and does good ol' fashioned improv sets for corporate and social events with some of her favourite performers.

Rockabilly Joe

Ottawa, ON
Services: Acrobats | Circus | Glow | Juggler | Stage Show | Strolling
Events: All Event Types | Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

Rockabilly Joe, a circus artist and street performer with a 1950’s twist. Highly enjoyed by all ages, Joey always find a unique twist to his acrobatic and juggling tricks. He prides himself on delivering a truly unique show with skills you wont see anywhere else. Able to perform in french and english, he has performed for a truly diverse audience around the world for the past 12 years. This show will have you consistently laughing while at times feeling nervous for Joey’s safety.