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MC/Comedian/Ring Master

Hamilton, ON
Services: Balloons | Bartenders | Comic | Entertainers | Stand up comedy
Events: All Event Types | Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Wedding

Juggling and Magic

King City, ON
Services: Artist | Balloons | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Circus | Closeup Magic | Clown | Family Show | Juggler | Magic | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

Meet Edward The Juggler WORLD CLASS ENTERTAINER Toronto-based juggler and performer, Edward Skwirsky knows how to entertain crowds of all ages! Years of experience performing with Russian State and European Circuses as well as the famous Cirque du Soleil, allow him to provide quality shows. Edward performs throughout the Greater Toronto Area and offers everything from magic tricks and incredible juggling to a hilarious an engaging inflatable clown act. When you hire Edward, you can be sure that your event will be remembered for all the right reasons!

The Doug Barr Childrens Show

Perth, ON
Services: Childrens Performer
Events: All Event Types

The Doug Barr Children’s Show is an interactive Musical-Comedy concert experience perfect for 3-9yr olds featuring whacky songs from Doug’s 4 popular children’s CDs (available on iTunes). A popular birthday party choice!


Brampton, ON
Services: Child Entertainment | Entertainers | Music | Stage Show
Events: Banquet Hall Performance | Fair | Festival | Private Party | Stage Show | Street Festival

On the surface Enviro Drum is a percussion group comprised of professional musicians who have a passion for music and an eye for engaging performance. Things get interesting when the group takes their love of music and couples it with a passion for preserving the environment. The founder of the group, Jeff Salem, is a professional percussionist from Toronto, Canada. Jeff yearned to spread environmental awareness in his community and felt strongly that if he appealed to the young generation he could start a grassroots movement. His way of spreading that awareness was simple: percussion. Each Enviro Drum show has many interactive and entertaining moments wherein the group performs different styles of music while delivering environmental statistics in a way that is easy to understand. Enviro Drum uses strictly recyclable products as percussion instruments. These include: plastic, metal, glass, wood and paper product.. To compliment their rhythm section keyboards and vocals were added to create the best performance possible. Enviro Drum was formed in 2009 and has performed in over 200 schools, festivals, and at private shows for corporate companies for audiences of ALL ages. There are currently two divisions of Enviro Drum: Enviro Drum Toronto (Canada) and Enviro Drum Maryland (USA).

James Jordan Comedy Magician

Calgary , AB
Services: Balloons | Childrens Performer | Closeup Magic | Family Show | Magic | Stage Show | Stand up comedy | Strolling
Events: All Event Types | Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

A unique brand of magic mixed with skilled juggling and stand-up comedy. Both as a close-up act and stage James doesn't just perform for his audience, he performs WITH them.

Walk with Anime

Toronto, ON
Services: DJ | Entertainers
Events: All Event Types

With her pearly white smile and glossy pink lips, Anime invariably attracts all who cross her path. Her presence is high-spirited and carries with it a sense of charm; her demeanor considerate carrying a sense of warmth. She immediately commands a room with her voice, wit, and infectious laugh. Not surprisingly, Anime has moderated countless panel discussions and has hosted premier festivals across the GTA. If you live in Toronto, you've most likely been or have been meaning to check out the famous Toronto Waterfront Nightmarket. And if you happened to have attended alongside the 120,000 other jetsetters, then you would have definitely watched Anime command the big stage with her captivating energy and impeccable hosting. Anime was asked to host this festival in 2014 and since then, she continues to elevate her stage performance each time, bold and proud, bigger and better. Anime has moderated many panel discussions with impressive influential people: Mayor John Tory, Former Councillor Olivia Chow the late former Mayor Rob Ford, Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, TV Show “The Voice” coach Tamara Beatty, CTV News anchor Paulina Chan, Author J.L. Witterick (My Mother’s secret), and most notably author Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale). Anime also enjoys MCing weddings. She is a staple at many of the downtown venues such as Casa Loma, Liberty Grand, Rosewater, Palais Royale, Berkeley Church and Fieldhouse. Not only does she have a genuine desire to connect with people and immerse herself in the magic of the occasion, but she puts a tremendous amount of effort in personalizing the wedding for the couple and feels like family when on the microphone. As an add-on services, Anime has DJ'd many family friendly weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. She has a knack for reading the crowd and adjusting the mood based on the desired feel for the event. Anime is an incredible act and a genuinely beautiful person.

Tex Rexman

Toronto, ON
Services: Entertainers
Events: Backyard Party | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Fair | Festival | Private Party | Stage Show | Street Festival

Yee-Haw, Strap on your cowboy boots and your laughing pants for a hilarious and thrilling ride with Tex Rexman, the Comedy Cowboy! Having studied at the Second City School of Comedy (Short Form Improvisation) His quick witted banter compliments a daring cowboy show with fire, gun spinning, whips and lasso! Great for kids and adults, he'll even duel a member of the audience, this show ain't big enough for the two of 'em! Tex has performed at Canada's Wonderland, Ottawa's New Years Eve Ball Drop and Variouss Festivals and Fairs across Canada.

Seb Whipits

Amherstburg, ON
Services: Fire | Stage Show
Events: Fair | Festival | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival

Sebastian “Seb” Whipits is a suggestive German Whip performer with a relaxed presence and a charming personality. Growing up in the small town of Kleinstadt gave Seb ample time to perfect his art as the only whip juggler in the world. The show features whip cracking, whip juggling and an unbelievable duel fire whip finale.

The Silly People

Toronto, ON
Services: Balloons | Circus | Comic | Entertainers | Family Show | Juggler | Stage Show
Events: All Event Types

The Silly People hail from Kitchener and Toronto, they have been traveling the globe performing their "Free-Style Comedy" shows for over 25 years. With a perfect blend of circus skills like juggling, traditional yo-yo's and Chinese yo-yo (diabolo) they also include many original audience participation routines like their award-winning world famous Balloon Duel routine and 21 trick questions routine. Giving away money, candy and of course laughter, these two professionals can be relied on to make any event that much better. With over 4 hours of routines, shows can be tailored to almost any situation and range from 10 - 45 minutes. They also make great MC's using their quick wit and gifts of random useless knowledge.

Black Diamond A Tribute to KISS

St Thomas, ON
Services: Music
Events: All Event Types

You wanted the best, you got the best! We are the newest and hottest tribute to KISS! We bring you all of your favourite KISS songs with a new modern twist.

The Human Piñata

Toronto, ON
Services: Entertainers | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

The Human Piñata is just what it sounds like... You can make every day like Cinco de Mayo with your very own Human Piñata. Suspended from an 18 foot high aerial rig is a world class acrobat who bounces, flips and dodges while children attempt to hit the Piñata with pool noodles. If the kids hit it hard enough candy flies out, just like a regular Piñata. The colourful costume, amazing aerial feats and comedic banter make this an impossible to miss installation. The Human Piñata is also offered as a roving character, without the aerial rig, but with all of the fun.

Alissa Baltazar Photography

Toronto, ON
Services: Photographers
Events: All Event Types

- fashion and beauty - business and actors headshots - dancers - weddings and events Shooting fashion is my favorite.  I love to create remarkable editorials as a result of collaborating with an original team.  During the last two years, I have been published in twenty independent print magazines and a few online publications. In my portrait photography, I strive to bring some elements from fashion and beauty, as everyone would like to look like a model from a magazine cover.  My biggest goal is to find the best angle for each person and to make them look better than ever before.   I travel all over GTA and Golden Hourse Shoe.

Byron Bertram

Vancouver, BC
Services: Comic
Events: Banquet Hall Performance | Dinner Party | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show

Like bird flue on international flight, Byron Bertram travels well. His innate talent for voice and accents mixed with a confident vulnerability have taken him across the world and established him internationally as one of the top Canadian Comics working today. He has worked on stage with the likes of Zach Gallifanakis, Flight of the Concords, and Eddie Izzard; was a hit with the judges on Brits Got Talent, has been seen on ABC's Once Upon a Time, Dirk Gently's, Riverdale, and heard regularly on Sirux XM

Musical & Entertainment Concierge Service

North Haledon, NJ
Services: DJ | Music | Singers & Bands
Events: All Event Types | Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

STATiC is Noise Productions LLC is a musical and entertainment concierge service based out of New Jersey and New York City. Our services are primarily in 1) DJing, where we have worked weddings, birthday parties and galas, and 2) live musical entertainment, varying in styles and artists depending on the event, theme, and host request. Our DJing services have ranged from birthday parties, to weddings, to our most recent work at the Graycliff for Urban League’s Centennial Gala. Our live music services vary depending on our client’s need; for example, we offer a four-piece band (guitar, bass, drum and singer) for an event calling for upbeat, lively music, a two-person acoustic band, for a more mellow, laid back set, or anywhere in between. We also offer a unique hybrid service of live music in combination with DJ beats. Creating an atmospheric sound that is tailored to your event, we can create a live acoustic set while mixing sounds and creating beats simultaneously. This option is great for those interested in a combination of live music along with electronic beats to get people on the dance floor while maintaining a live performance aspect. We also offer supplementary additions to your event, such as emcees, dance motivators, additional lighting, and more. We are determined on working together with you to ensure we create the atmosphere that best suits your vision! Learn more about our services by sending us an email at and have us create a magical vibe for your next event!


North York, ON
Services: Entertainers
Events: Private Party | Stage Show

Hi we are the Monalola Band we are Transgender band that plays 80s songs from songs like the rolling stone etc etc and we also have are own original songs too we are also lgbtq friendly

Molly Keczan

Toronto, ON
Services: Acrobats | Child Entertainment | Circus | Entertainers
Events: Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Charity Event | Dinner Party | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Sweet 16 | Wedding

Molly is a world class acrobat, specializing in aerial silks, hoop, duo trapeze and hand to hand. Bring your event to new heights with a dynamic display of beautiful strength and captivating grace. Molly knows how to provide your guests with a memorable experience. For more acrobatics and circus acts check out Equilibrium Circus

Fiery Scarlet Black

Toronto, ON
Services: Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Circus | Entertainers | Family Show | Fire | Glow | Hula Hooper | Music | Singers & Bands | Stage Show | Strolling
Events: Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

Scarlet Black is an award winning fire performer who is diciplined in over 10 various fire props. A professional singer and dancer as well, Scarlet has several walk about characters and stage shows from Fiery Scarlet Show to Scarlet Butterfly, Garden Fairy, and Winter Princess. With fire as well as glow, light up your event with this amazing performer.

sideshow oddity performer

Hamilton, ON
Services: Stage Show
Events: All Event Types

Kobbler Jay

Amherstburg, ON
Services: Childrens Performer | Entertainers | Family Show | Juggler
Events: Banquet Hall Performance | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Wedding

He has the energy of ten puppies - with none of the mess. He performs the fastest and most furious apple juggling routine you are ever likely to see, and can gracefully walk barefoot on broken glass while juggling flaming torches. Take all of that and combine it with his talent for tossing knives atop a terrifying tower of tables treacherously teetering on a tube and you end up with a show that you simply cannot miss!

Caricature Drawing

Toronto, ON
Services: Caricature
Events: All Event Types

Caricature drawing in less than ten minutes per person in most kind of events.