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Axiom Circus

Toronto, ON
Services: Circus | Clown | Dancer | Entertainers | Family Show | Fire | Glow | Juggler | Stage Show | Stilts | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

- Stilt performance - Vibrant LED shows - Breathtaking fire performance - Trick whip cracking performance/ western circus tricks - Knife juggling and unbelievable performance with axes. - Outstanding costuming and characters - Entertainment for all age groups and events. @axiom_circus

Artful You

Toronto, ON
Services: Face Painting
Events: Community Event | Fair | Festival | Private Party

Top-notch Face Painting+ services for your festivals and events. Artful You face painting goes above and beyond to provide you with the best services. We provide music and are skilled in engaging in conversations with parents so that they are part of the experience of watching a magical transformation. Along with painting faces, we cover arms and legs too (for all ages). Most importantly, we are fast and ensure a smooth flow of the lineup.

Steve Winchester

Montréal, QC
Services: Circus | Clown | Fire | Stage Show | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

Steve Winchester of "Winchester: Mind Over Body": Circus freak, side show performer, and terrible escape artist! Steve is the man born without common sense. He is a Toronto based sideshow freak, but he has appeared all across Canada and was recently declared "Zoink Master" on YTV's Zoink'd. Through his years of training, power of determination and a good helping of not-knowing-any-better, Steve Winchester performs feats of strength, pain resistance, and sheer stupidity for your amusement.

Franxi Natra Clowna

Berlin, BER
Services: Artist | Circus | Clown | Comic | Fire | Hula Hooper | Stage Show
Events: All Event Types | Festival | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival

Balloon Maestro

Guelph, ON
Services: Artist | Balloons | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Closeup Magic | Family Show | Magic | Music | Stage Show | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

Sean Rooney has been at the forefront of balloon art and performance for over 20 years, taking his medium to the maximum. In over 30 countries, on stage and close-up, from making whimsical sculptures for children to creating installations for museums, from sleight of hand to creating and playing balloon musical instruments, Sean has shared his talents with millions, and blown a lot of minds! Recognized by Guinness and Ripley's for his amazing and unusual work, the "Balloon Maestro" is a one of kind performance artist.

Money Fish

Toronto, ON
Services: Acrobats | Artist | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Dancer | Entertainers | Strolling
Events: Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Holiday Party | Private Party | Street Festival

“Where’s the Water!?” Money Fish are a zany acrobatic trio of fish-like synchronized swimmers - on land! Seriously silly in matching gold swimsuits, green swim caps & flippers, the Money Fish have prepared their world class acrobatic synchro routine for this special audience presentation. A highly interactive act, the Money Fish are very playful and often over-the-top silly. Audiences can’t help but join in the fun! for more information.

Lucky Barber Show

Toronto, ON
Services: Circus | Entertainers | Family Show | Juggler | Stage Show
Events: Fair | Festival | Holiday Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival

Comedy at its SHARPEST Close shaves & a sharper tongue from the World's Greatest Circus Barber. Lucky's NEW action-packed, hair-tingling show features Knife Juggling, razor-sharp 6" Bed of Nails and TONS of physical comedy! It'll make your Moustache curl!

Juggling and Magic

King City, ON
Services: Artist | Balloons | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Circus | Closeup Magic | Clown | Family Show | Juggler | Magic | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

Meet Edward The Juggler WORLD CLASS ENTERTAINER Toronto-based juggler and performer, Edward Skwirsky knows how to entertain crowds of all ages! Years of experience performing with Russian State and European Circuses as well as the famous Cirque du Soleil, allow him to provide quality shows. Edward performs throughout the Greater Toronto Area and offers everything from magic tricks and incredible juggling to a hilarious an engaging inflatable clown act. When you hire Edward, you can be sure that your event will be remembered for all the right reasons!

Michael McDonnell Cartoonist

Bradford, ON
Services: Caricature
Events: All Event Types

Long considered one of the top caricaturists in South Ontario, Michael is available to draw live caricatures for all types of live events. Samples can be found at, or on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @McDocatures.

Awkward airline attendants

Toronto, ON
Services: Comic | Strolling
Events: Fair | Festival | Street Festival

These two 1950's Awkward Airline Attendants (AAA) have lost their flight and are desperately trying to find their way back to their plane. Full of mayhem, chaos and hilarity, these two ladies; Bertha and Ethel, spice up any street festival or carnival!

Dazzling Darren Bedford

Toronto, ON
Services: Balloons | Circus | Entertainers | Family Show | Fire | Juggler | Stage Show | Stilts | Strolling
Events: All Event Types | Banquet Hall Performance | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

With over 25 years experience, Dazzling Darren will be sure to put a smile on everyone's face at ANY event ! Darren loves to perform his Variety Stage Show mixing up his many skills. He Juggles clubs, Flaming Torches, Knives and Meat Cleavers adding a lot of excitement and a little danger to the show ! Darren rides on top of many different unicycles unicycles ranging from 18 inches to 9 feet tall and wheel sizes from 8" to 36" in diameter ! He even has a 8 footed shoe-ni-cycle... a unicycle with 8 running shoes in a circle forming the tire ! Darren also has many Unique and Specialty bicycles. Some include the century old Penny Farthing, a tiny bicycle with 4" wheels and a off-centered bike with the hubs off-center in the rims. If you are looking for a Stilt Walker, Darren is the one !!! Darren has a wide variety of incredible professionally made stilt costumes for all events and holiday parties. If you need fantastic balloon creations, Darren will twist them up quickly right in front of your eyes ! Even if it is... a Bear, Juggling 5 balls while riding a Unicycle ! I'm not kidding ! Darren is also a Champion Yo-Yo Pro ! All the old favorite tricks plus some you have never seen before. High-end String tricks make it something for people of all ages. For Stage Shows or Strolling Entertainment, Dazzling Darren Bedford is your perfect choice !

Trulee Odd

hamilton , ON
Services: Balloons | Circus | Entertainers | Family Show | Fire | Juggler | Stage Show | Stilts | Strolling
Events: Banquet Hall Performance | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Wedding

Trulee Odd -Has amused and amazed audiences around the world. His show is a unique blend of charm, zaniness and amazing feats. From the time he makes his entrance on a tiny motorcycle until his heart stopping finalle, 15 feet in the air, juggling knives, blindfolded, on a unicycle, you won't want to miss a second.

Cabaret Showgirl

Toronto, ON
Services: Entertainers | Fire | Hula Hooper | Stage Show
Events: All Event Types

Rhapsody Blue is a travelling showgirl, cabaret hostess and fire eating burlesque star. Since her debut as the first performer to win Burlesque Idol in 2010, Rhapsody has been breaking hearts and dropping jaws with a dazzling blend of sass and spectacle. Formerly the President and Director of Production of the Ottawa Burlesque Festival, Rhapsody Blue is a vivacious entertainer and seasoned instructor who breathes glittery life into any event with her quick wit and irrepressible charm. She produces Ottawa's notorious Burlesque in the Bourbon Room, and serves as a resident emcee for Naked Boys Reading. Rhapsody has danced at the National Arts Centre, and performed alongside the Suicide Girls in the legendary Blackhearts Burlesque show. She has also performed at the Toronto Burlesque Festival, the Capital Burlesque Expo, the Ottawa Burlesque Festival and Shazamfest. Invite Rhapsody to inject unforgettable glamour to any event, or book her for a group burlesque workshop and uncover your guests' inner showpony personalities!

Distinguished Daredevils

Madeira Beach, FL
Services: Juggler
Events: All Event Types

The “Distinguished Daredevils” are redefining what a variety act can be! Noah Royak & Bill Berry have joined forces and the credentials are undeniable: Guinness World Records, Juggling Championships, APCA Juggler of the year awards and lots more! There’s sword swallowing, taser juggling, feats of balance, and it’s all wrapped up in a family friendly yet fiendishly funny presentation. Still not enough? They’ve performed all over the world, 80+ countries, every state, corporate events, fairs, festivals and over 350 college campuses! This act packs small, plays big and is always a crowd pleaser.

Halton JAZZ Singers

Oakville, ON
Services: Entertainers | Music | Singers & Bands | Stage Show
Events: All Event Types

Halton JAZZ Singers are a vocal jazz group of talented, skilled & entertaining singer musicians with a vocal sound reminiscent of Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices, Uptown Vocal Jazz and Liebert, Hendricks & Ross! Their appeal is universal - their sound is AMAZING! Each one is a skillful performer & together they are DYNAMITE!

S I L I K A Contortion

York, ON
Services: Contortionist
Events: All Event Types

S I L I K A Has been performing for the last 8 years across Quebec and Ontario. She has performed at several events with Monde Ose in Montreal and a number of Music Festivals across Canada including countless private and corporate events. In February 2018, she traveled to Mongolia to train at their International School for Contortion. S I L I K A hopes to inspire people through her art and also bring back some of the cultural roots of Contortion from beautiful Mongolia. With S I L I K A Contortion you can expect to see extreme back bends, over splits, twisting and turning and strong handstand holds. Be prepared for a stretch of the mind as you watch the capabilities of what the human body can do and how far it can go! You will be enchanted and mesmerized by Silika's graceful movements and skillful postures inspired by ancient Mongolian Techniques. S I L I K A offers performances and costume animation to suit all styles of events whether for corporate or for private shows. Expect a beautiful look that will add to the ambiance of the environment and allure and inspire the audience! Looking for a freak show act? Silika adapts her acts and moves to offer excellent freak show events for Halloween and other events of that nature. Picture her walking on all fours upside down and backwards!


Toronto, ON
Services: Acrobats | Circus | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

BIOGRAPHY Haley Shannon has been a professional performer for 12 years and an aerial artist for a decade. Haley has been honored to work for companies such as MTV, Lions Gate, Showtime, Liberty Group, Creativiva, Mad Ruk Entertainment and Disney to name a few. Haley has been a featured artist at events such as the Toronto International Film Festival, SXSW, Canadian Music Week and NXNE. Haley was a resident aerial artist at Candyland Nightclub in Toronto, Canada from 2015 to 2017 and is on staff presently at Copa Cabana Toronto, where she performs for their regular Friday and Saturday night shows on Aerial Silks. Check out her Instagram page at @haley_shannon_ for up-to-the-minute notifications on performances, projects and classes!

Musical & Entertainment Concierge Service

North Haledon, NJ
Services: DJ | Music | Singers & Bands
Events: All Event Types | Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

STATiC is Noise Productions LLC is a musical and entertainment concierge service based out of New Jersey and New York City. Our services are primarily in 1) DJing, where we have worked weddings, birthday parties and galas, and 2) live musical entertainment, varying in styles and artists depending on the event, theme, and host request. Our DJing services have ranged from birthday parties, to weddings, to our most recent work at the Graycliff for Urban League’s Centennial Gala. Our live music services vary depending on our client’s need; for example, we offer a four-piece band (guitar, bass, drum and singer) for an event calling for upbeat, lively music, a two-person acoustic band, for a more mellow, laid back set, or anywhere in between. We also offer a unique hybrid service of live music in combination with DJ beats. Creating an atmospheric sound that is tailored to your event, we can create a live acoustic set while mixing sounds and creating beats simultaneously. This option is great for those interested in a combination of live music along with electronic beats to get people on the dance floor while maintaining a live performance aspect. We also offer supplementary additions to your event, such as emcees, dance motivators, additional lighting, and more. We are determined on working together with you to ensure we create the atmosphere that best suits your vision! Learn more about our services by sending us an email at and have us create a magical vibe for your next event!

Mighty Mike

Toronto, ON
Services: Circus | Entertainers | Family Show | Juggler | Stage Show
Events: Birthday | Dinner Party | Holiday Party | Wedding

Step Right Up! Witness Mighty Mike throwing around bowling balls and sledgehammers as if light as a feather... while wearing a 1920s style bathing suit. You’ll be amazed as he drives nails through boards with his hand, bends horseshoes, and tears packs of cards, but try not to laugh at his dance routines. *People's Choice Winner Halifax International Buskerfest 2017*

The Doug Barr Childrens Show

Perth, ON
Services: Childrens Performer
Events: All Event Types

The Doug Barr Children’s Show is an interactive Musical-Comedy concert experience perfect for 3-9yr olds featuring whacky songs from Doug’s 4 popular children’s CDs (available on iTunes). A popular birthday party choice!