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Mars von Deva

Toronto, ON
Services: Artist | Caricature | Child Entertainment | Circus | Clown | Dancer | Entertainers | Tarot
Events: All Event Types

Belly dance ,Model, Brand ambassador, Mystical Faerie dancer,Mermaid,Witch,Angel winged being, Artist ,Silk Fan dancer caricature portraits, Crystal healing,Thai massage, Angel Oracle card reader, Tarot, Entertainer for Birthday parties and Special events. Email for bookings.


Toronto, ON
Services: Artist | Childrens Performer | Circus | Entertainers | Face Painting | Family Show | Glow | Strolling | Tarot
Events: Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

Pixianna has been performing for over ten years in the city as part of the circus and dance communities, and loves to teach and share all aspects of performance art. Scroll down for service list. MUNICIPAL EVENTS: Pedestrian Sunday, Word on the Street, Nuit Blanche, Festival of Lights, London Renaissance Fair, Vancouver Island Music Festival, The Pacific National Expo , Comox Metaphysical Fair PRIVATE and CORPORATE: Weddings, Coming of Age Parties, Dinners and award ceremonies, Seasonal Event, Art Festivals SERVICES: Most popular package: (combines three options) 1 Characters of your choosing 2 performance (dance, fans, pirate battle, etc, minimum 2 performers) 3 workshop CHARACTERS: Fairies, pirates, elves, gypsy, magical and fantasy characters DANCE: (2-3 people) combines many dance styles with circus and other elements. can be tailored to suit your event CIRCUS: Flow staff (baton) GLOW props, silk poi, digital poi WORKSHOPS: Silk fan workshops. All ages (most popular) ***Theatrical Sword fighting ( 10 and up) CIRCUS PROPS: Intro to baton twirling ( 8 and up) Intro to poi (12 and up) Please inquire for more details on what we can do to make your event special!

Dazzling Darren Bedford

Toronto, ON
Services: Balloons | Circus | Entertainers | Family Show | Fire | Juggler | Stage Show | Stilts | Strolling
Events: All Event Types | Banquet Hall Performance | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

With over 25 years experience, Dazzling Darren will be sure to put a smile on everyone's face at ANY event ! Darren loves to perform his Variety Stage Show mixing up his many skills. He Juggles clubs, Flaming Torches, Knives and Meat Cleavers adding a lot of excitement and a little danger to the show ! Darren rides on top of many different unicycles unicycles ranging from 18 inches to 9 feet tall and wheel sizes from 8" to 36" in diameter ! He even has a 8 footed shoe-ni-cycle... a unicycle with 8 running shoes in a circle forming the tire ! Darren also has many Unique and Specialty bicycles. Some include the century old Penny Farthing, a tiny bicycle with 4" wheels and a off-centered bike with the hubs off-center in the rims. If you are looking for a Stilt Walker, Darren is the one !!! Darren has a wide variety of incredible professionally made stilt costumes for all events and holiday parties. If you need fantastic balloon creations, Darren will twist them up quickly right in front of your eyes ! Even if it is... a Bear, Juggling 5 balls while riding a Unicycle ! I'm not kidding ! Darren is also a Champion Yo-Yo Pro ! All the old favorite tricks plus some you have never seen before. High-end String tricks make it something for people of all ages. For Stage Shows or Strolling Entertainment, Dazzling Darren Bedford is your perfect choice !


Toronto, ON
Services: Music
Events: Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Community Event | Festival | Private Party | Stage Show | Street Festival

DRUM CIRCLES For All Occasions Schools/ Bar/Bat Mitzvahs / Birthdays /Anniversaries Drums are one of the most primitive forms of communication and have been used for thousands of years. Apart from being used in modern music, drums and rhythm can be used to create unity within a group of people. A drum circle is a group exercise lead by a facilitator that allows everyone in the group to speak up by using their own percussive voice while contributing to the group’s musical adventure. Everyone plays a part in creating a spontaneous piece of music. Instruments such as Djembe’s, Ashiko’s, Djun’s Djun’s from West Africa, bongos from Cuba and many other accessories such as shakers, bells, tambourines and more will be used. Many listening games will be part of this session making it fun for all ages. The benefits, aside from being extremely enjoyable, are: • Teach team building in a new unique way • Stimulate creative thought processes • Promote cooperation versus competition • Demonstrate individual effect on the large whole • Encourage clear communication • Develop listening and expressing skills • Inspire community involvement (great for families & friends) • Define common ground between participants • Develop confidence Drum circles are beneficial to people of all ages. Jeff has designed a program that is entertaining, fun, unique for groups sizes between 25-500 people. For more detailed information, you can visit the website or contact Jeff - 416-564-9802

Magic for Grownups: James Alan

Toronto, ON
Services: Closeup Magic | Magic | Stage Show
Events: Banquet Hall Performance | Charity Event | Dinner Party | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Wedding

"Thought provoking, inspiring and thoroughly entertaining. It's a great magic display and that's all you need to know." -Ontario Arts Review "James Alan proves that magic really is for grownups." -Globe Review "James Alan's magic leaves Toronto audiences stunned." - Mooney on Theatre With a unique blend of magic, mind reading and classical sleight of hand, James Alan performs a sophisticated brand of magic designed to delight adults and bring out their inner child. He currently performs regularly in Toronto at "Magic Martini", a show created specifically to feature his incredible talents.

Stilt Characters Galore

Toronto, ON
Services: Stilts
Events: All Event Types

Years of making stilt character costumes means that we have TONS of them. Characters for every occasion! Do you need stilt pirates? Storybook characters? Giant chefs? Mounties? London Bobbies? Construction workers? Fishermen? Scarecrows? Giant flowers? A giant tree? A giant jack frost and snow queen? A nutcracker character? A marie Antoinette? A stilt ballerina? We've got those and tons more... Sports themed stilt characters? We have hockey players, a basketball player, a tennis player, a karate outfit, baseball players, and a tennis player. How about a traditional stilt walker who also juggles and does hat tricks and pocket magic? Covered. Light up stilt costumes with colour changing LEDs? Yup. Is there a stilt costume that you need that's not on this list? Give us a call... if we don't have it we can make it.

Plate Spinner Juggler John Park

toronto, ON
Services: Circus | Family Show | Juggler
Events: Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Holiday Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival

Comedy Juggling and Plate Spinning with a waiter theme

Felicia Byron Photography

Toronto, ON
Services: Photographers
Events: All Event Types

Felicia Byron is a photographer and artist based in Toronto, Canada — but her work has taken her to the United States and the Caribbean as well. With key experience and specialization in editorial portrait, food, fashion, beauty and lifestyle photography, her adaptability, flexibility and passionate work ethic allow her to rise to any challenge an assignment may bring. Her background as an OCAD alumni enables her to infuse artistic flare and technical expertise into every project she takes take on, and she views them all as an extension of her artistry, always aiming to create meaningful imagery. As a published photographer, her work includes a cover and multiple editorial spreads in BOLD magazine, imagery for the Ontario Lung and Health Association, and celebrity subjects like Juno Award nominated singer/songwriter Kreesha Turner, Latin Grammy award winner artist Alex Cuba, and superstar chef Cory Vitiello. You can view more of her work at

The Human Piñata

Toronto, ON
Services: Entertainers | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

The Human Piñata is just what it sounds like... You can make every day like Cinco de Mayo with your very own Human Piñata. Suspended from an 18 foot high aerial rig is a world class acrobat who bounces, flips and dodges while children attempt to hit the Piñata with pool noodles. If the kids hit it hard enough candy flies out, just like a regular Piñata. The colourful costume, amazing aerial feats and comedic banter make this an impossible to miss installation. The Human Piñata is also offered as a roving character, without the aerial rig, but with all of the fun.

Hip-hop Violinist

Toronto, ON
Services: Music
Events: All Event Types

Using just the sounds of an electric violin, Aaron Paris orchestrates live hip-hop and pop arrangements on the spot! Sounds are recorded and layered to create symphonic masterpieces. From old school such as Dr. Dre and Biggie, to modern such as Beyonce and Drake, you'll experience your favourite songs in way like never before. As background music or the main act, Aaron Paris is sure to bring unique flavour to any event. Past appearances include: Toronto BuskerFest, Newmarket BuskerFest, Culture Bridge Festival, Culture Festival, Western University, Canada's Wonderland

Trulee Odd

hamilton , ON
Services: Balloons | Circus | Entertainers | Family Show | Fire | Juggler | Stage Show | Stilts | Strolling
Events: Banquet Hall Performance | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Wedding

Trulee Odd -Has amused and amazed audiences around the world. His show is a unique blend of charm, zaniness and amazing feats. From the time he makes his entrance on a tiny motorcycle until his heart stopping finalle, 15 feet in the air, juggling knives, blindfolded, on a unicycle, you won't want to miss a second.

Juggling and Magic

King City, ON
Services: Artist | Balloons | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Circus | Closeup Magic | Clown | Family Show | Juggler | Magic | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

Meet Edward The Juggler WORLD CLASS ENTERTAINER Toronto-based juggler and performer, Edward Skwirsky knows how to entertain crowds of all ages! Years of experience performing with Russian State and European Circuses as well as the famous Cirque du Soleil, allow him to provide quality shows. Edward performs throughout the Greater Toronto Area and offers everything from magic tricks and incredible juggling to a hilarious an engaging inflatable clown act. When you hire Edward, you can be sure that your event will be remembered for all the right reasons!

The George Gilbert Variety Show

Clearwater, FL
Services: Magic
Events: Festival

Equipped with masterful sleight of hand skills and a knack for making people laugh, George Gilbert uses his talents to amaze and amuse audiences around the globe. Whether George is performing his award winning act in a nice theatre, at an outdoor festival, or on national television, he is sure to astonish even the most skeptical and hard to please audiences. When he is not on stage, you can usually catch George in traffic, on the road to his next event; Or spending time with his beautiful family in beautiful Clearwater, Florida.

Saturday Night Superstars

Toronto, ON
Services: Music | Singers & Bands
Events: Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Fair | Festival | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Street Festival | Wedding

Saturday Night Superstars is Toronto's premiere live event band. We bring a perfect blend of musicianship, performance and professionalism to your wedding, corporate or private function, charity gala or sporting event. Our playlist features some of the greatest songs ever written and will keep your guests dancing (and singing!) all night long. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize our show to suit your needs. Every event is different, and nothing about us is cookie cutter. With a collective 80+ years in the special events business, we know what works and what doesn't, and we'll share that knowledge with you. Get in touch with all of the details of your special event and we'll provide a custom quote.

Vinyl Burns Rock Circus

Martinborough, WGN
Services: Circus | Entertainers | Juggler | Stage Show | Strolling
Events: Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

The Vinyl Burns Rock & Roll Circus "Everybody loves him, and that's not even his demographic" World class, blistering diabolo juggling and wry, self deprecating magical illusion and physical comedy, building to a climax of live rock-guitar anthems and high altitude 80's hair-rock singalong finale Brimming with inept sophistication, extreme stunts and surprisingly polished skills, Vinyl rides in hot pursuit of his destiny… to deliver a glittering, escapist adventure just for you.  It's dramatic, silly, beautiful and hilarious... 

Nemesis (Beatbox/Violin Duo)

Toronto, ON
Services: Music
Events: All Event Types

Nemesis is a collaboration between Canadian Beatbox Champion Scott Jackson and Electric Violin master Dr.Draw.


Burlington, ON
Services: Bartenders | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Circus | Hula Hooper
Events: All Event Types

Miss.heavenly hoops (Avonlea) is a certified Hoop Love Coach with a love for dance and yoga. Avonlea first discovered hula hooping well traveling in the West Coast, where she was introduced to weighted hula hoops. The weighted diameter helped her first master keeping the hula hoop up around her waist. She slowly began unlocking movement and felt herself feeling better everyday! What started as a fun activity to do in her backyard grew into a desire to teach and perform. Hoop Dance is more than wiggling a plastic hoop around your waist! The hula hoop movement has evolved into an art, and form of expression. Through hoop dance you will not only discover a FUN way to be healthy. But you will also experience a sense of personal growth, achievement, and soaring confidence! Avonlea has a stack of weighted adult/kids hoops which she uses to put together workshops, kids events, birthday parties, performances and more! She also teaches one-on-one or for a group.

Hala on Stilts Entertainment

Toronto, ON
Services: Stilts
Events: All Event Types

Rise above the crowd with Toronto's HIGH-class entertainers! My name is Hala and my tall team and I love strapping on our pole stilts or bouncy stilts and boldly clowning around and being cheeky. As a professional stilt-walker since 2004, we feature the GTA's top pole stilt-walkers and circus entertainers and we are always elated make a bold impression at your special event. In addition to the most experienced pole stilters in the city, we offer the most diverse selection of dynamic coulourful stiltwalking characters, stilt-dancers, stilts balloonists, stilt-jugglers fire eaters on stilts, stilt-musicians, and more. Our characters are suitable for adults or children, parades, birthdays, weddings, corporate event entertainment or any special occasion you are looking for. As costume enthusiasts we have dozens of costumes and characters to choose from. We make or alter most of our costumes, and we are also willing to create or rent specific character costumes that suit your needs. More costume and character selections available on my social media. Looking forward to working with you ~ Hala on Stilts Entertainment


HKeuLCIaEsctxvrW, BDS
Services: Acrobats
Events: All Event Types

Event Host & Improvisor

Calgary, AB
Services: Emcee
Events: All Event Types

Renée is an event host and emcee for small and large stages. Her areas of experience include technology, entrepreneurship & corporate events, conferences, pitch fests, music, film, and comedy festivals, talent shows and award ceremonies. Renée also offers corporate & speaker training, teaches improv to all age groups, and does good ol' fashioned improv sets for corporate and social events with some of her favourite performers.