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Mr. Spaghetti Legs

Toronto, ON
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Toronto, ON
Services: Acrobats | Circus | Strolling
Events: All Event Types

BIOGRAPHY Haley Shannon has been a professional performer for 12 years and an aerial artist for a decade. Haley has been honored to work for companies such as MTV, Lions Gate, Showtime, Liberty Group, Creativiva, Mad Ruk Entertainment and Disney to name a few. Haley has been a featured artist at events such as the Toronto International Film Festival, SXSW, Canadian Music Week and NXNE. Haley was a resident aerial artist at Candyland Nightclub in Toronto, Canada from 2015 to 2017 and is on staff presently at Copa Cabana Toronto, where she performs for their regular Friday and Saturday night shows on Aerial Silks. Check out her Instagram page at @haley_shannon_ for up-to-the-minute notifications on performances, projects and classes!


Toronto, ON
Services: Glow
Events: Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

Pixianna has been performing for over over ten years in the city as part of the circus and dance communities, and loves to teach and share all aspects of performance art. Scroll down for service list. MUNICIPAL EVENTS: Pedestrian Sunday, Word on the Street, Nuit Blanche, Festival of Lights, London Renaissance Fair, Vancouver Island Music Festival, The Pacific National Expo , Comox Metaphysical Fair, Pride Month, Cabbagetown Festival PRIVATE and CORPORATE: Weddings, Coming of Age Parties, Rights of Passage Ceremonies, Dinners and award ceremonies, Seasonal Event, Art Festivals SERVICES: Most popular package: (combines three options) 1 Characters of your choosing 2 performance (dance, fans, pirate battle, etc, minimum 2 performers) 3 workshop CHARACTERS: Fairies, pirates, elves, gypsy, magical and fantasy characters DANCE: (2-3 people) combines many dance styles with circus and other elements. can be tailored to suit your event CIRCUS: Flow staff (baton) GLOW props, silk poi, digital poi WORKSHOPS: Silk fan workshops. All ages (most popular) ***Theatrical Sword fighting ( 10 and up) CIRCUS PROPS: Intro to baton twirling ( 8 and up) Intro to poi (12 and up) Please inquire for more details on what we can do to make your event special!


Toronto, ON
Services: Balloons
Events: All Event Types

Sheeballoonagh is a high quality balloon sculptor with 8 years of twisting experience. Whether delighting children of all ages, adding vibrant decor to any type of event, or taking the concept of dressing to impress to the next level on a fashion runway Sheeballoonagh provides her own twist on this ephemeral art form that is sure to blow your mind. Go up, up, and away with Sheeballoonagh's beautiful balloons!

Lucky John

Seal Beach, CA
Services: Stage Show
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Toronto , ON
Services: Balloons | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Circus | Clown | Fire | Juggler | Stage Show | Stilts
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Multitalented performer with acting/clown background. Stilts is specialty, and Shakespeare. Have been a performer my whole life and love entertaining crowds. have performed around the world and have a lot of energy to offer.

Jamie Holmes

Toronto, ON
Services: Acrobats | Circus
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Eric The Juggler

Variable (touring), ON
Services: Circus | Entertainers | Family Show | Fire | Juggler | Stage Show | Strolling
Events: Community Event | Fair | Festival | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival

A professional entertainer for over ten years, Eric The Juggler proudly makes a living by tossing dangerous implements in front of people's faces: Fire, knives, double-bladed axes, and a chainsaw. Shamelessly fun, his shows and strolling performances are a mix of technical juggling skills, comedy, random improvisation, and audience volunteers who aren't afraid of pointy objects.

The Wedding Piper

Acton, ON
Services: Music
Events: All Event Types

The Wedding Piper, a professional bagpipe player for all your needs. I have over 40 years experience, piping at weddings, funerals, corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays and so much more. I serve all of Ontario and travel to any where that is required.

Rockabilly Joe

Ottawa, ON
Services: Acrobats | Circus | Glow | Juggler | Stage Show | Strolling
Events: All Event Types | Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16 | Wedding

Rockabilly Joe, a circus artist and street performer with a 1950’s twist. Highly enjoyed by all ages, Joey always find a unique twist to his acrobatic and juggling tricks. He prides himself on delivering a truly unique show with skills you wont see anywhere else. Able to perform in french and english, he has performed for a truly diverse audience around the world for the past 12 years. This show will have you consistently laughing while at times feeling nervous for Joey’s safety.


peterborough, ON
Services: Hula Hooper
Events: All Event Types

Nimkii is Odawa from Wiikwemkoongsing, Unceded First Nations.

The Farmer's Daughter Show

Beamsville, ON
Services: Acrobats | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Circus | Entertainers | Family Show | Juggler | Stage Show
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The Farmer's Daughter Show is an agricultural themed family friendly acrobatic show. The Farmer's Daughter Show harvests bales of belly laughter and truck loads of fun.  Farm-tastic gymnastics, rowdy rope tricking, and a one-of-a-kind milk bottle walk finale combine for an udderly amazing show (filled with corny humour).  Yee haw!! Website: Video:

Bri's Performance

Toronto, ON
Services: Contortionist
Events: All Event Types

I am a versatile dancer and contortionist.

Becca Cala Roarr!

Mississauga, ON
Services: Artist | Bartenders | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Circus | Comic | Dancer | DJ | Emcee | Entertainers | Face Painting | Fire | Glow | MC | Music | Singers & Bands | Stage Show | Stand up comedy
Events: Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Charity Event | Community BBQ | Community Event | Dinner Party | Fair | Festival | Film project | Holiday Party | Private Party | Resort Entertainment | Stage Show | Street Festival | Sweet 16

HelLlo, I am an Artist of many mediums and 4 sure 1 of The MOST Entertaining acts You ever see /* saw! I am not afraid to sound narcissistic about it either because I have worked hard enough to deserve it! I have danced for many years and I have also figure skated so I can dance on ices as well, I have my little fire blasters that I use for my dances occasionally. I am a choreographer extrordinaire! from street stomp style hip hop to epic lyrical and interperative; I can have a dance done easy as 1 2 3 for any mood! I also Like and do Philosophy. I luv to have fun most of all! for me it feels like a little prize when some thing new, colorful and exciting has been discovered, There is always an adventurous feel about my shows. Roarr!

Rafael Sebastian Magic

Montreal, QC
Services: Magic
Events: All Event Types

Rafael Sebastian Magic offers the best street-style magic and stunts for your events! Please visit for more details!

Empress Cherry Sunday

Toronto, ON
Services: Artist | Balloons | Child Entertainment | Childrens Performer | Circus | Clown | Entertainers | Face Painting | Family Show | Magic | Strolling
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Toronto, ON
Services: Music
Events: Backyard Party | Banquet Hall Performance | Birthday | Community Event | Festival | Private Party | Stage Show | Street Festival

DRUM CIRCLES For All Occasions Schools/ Bar/Bat Mitzvahs / Birthdays /Anniversaries Drums are one of the most primitive forms of communication and have been used for thousands of years. Apart from being used in modern music, drums and rhythm can be used to create unity within a group of people. A drum circle is a group exercise lead by a facilitator that allows everyone in the group to speak up by using their own percussive voice while contributing to the group’s musical adventure. Everyone plays a part in creating a spontaneous piece of music. Instruments such as Djembe’s, Ashiko’s, Djun’s Djun’s from West Africa, bongos from Cuba and many other accessories such as shakers, bells, tambourines and more will be used. Many listening games will be part of this session making it fun for all ages. The benefits, aside from being extremely enjoyable, are: • Teach team building in a new unique way • Stimulate creative thought processes • Promote cooperation versus competition • Demonstrate individual effect on the large whole • Encourage clear communication • Develop listening and expressing skills • Inspire community involvement (great for families & friends) • Define common ground between participants • Develop confidence Drum circles are beneficial to people of all ages. Jeff has designed a program that is entertaining, fun, unique for groups sizes between 25-500 people. For more detailed information, you can visit the website or contact Jeff - 416-564-9802

The Flamethrowers-Juggling Duo

Toronto , ON
Services: Child Entertainment | Circus | Comic | Entertainers | Fire | Glow | Juggler | Stage Show | Stand up comedy
Events: All Event Types

The Flamethrowers are an energetic young duo performing acrobatics and juggling stunts punctuated by hilarious comedy! Whether it's friends, family or colleagues you can count on the Flamethrowers to satisfy your entertainment needs for all ages. We are flexible, and perform for events such as: -corporate events -family parties -holiday/themed events -community gatherings -Any event where you are looking for fresh entertainment! Our shows are 10-60 minutes depending on your event's needs. Kyle and Sydney will tailor the act so that it is appropriate for your venue and suits your needs by combining these elements at your discretion: - Danger and Anticipation: flaming torches, knives, chainsaws, and a six-foot unicycle - Comedy and Amusement: family-friendly humour, gags, and hilarious banter - Artistic Flair: an LED glow juggling routine that is great for dark spaces like dance floors and nightclubs - Awe-inspiring Skill: Show-stopping, awe-inspiring difficult juggling tricks and stunts

Walk with Anime

Toronto, ON
Services: DJ | Entertainers
Events: All Event Types

With her pearly white smile and glossy pink lips, Anime invariably attracts all who cross her path. Her presence is high-spirited and carries with it a sense of charm; her demeanor considerate carrying a sense of warmth. She immediately commands a room with her voice, wit, and infectious laugh. Not surprisingly, Anime has moderated countless panel discussions and has hosted premier festivals across the GTA. If you live in Toronto, you've most likely been or have been meaning to check out the famous Toronto Waterfront Nightmarket. And if you happened to have attended alongside the 120,000 other jetsetters, then you would have definitely watched Anime command the big stage with her captivating energy and impeccable hosting. Anime was asked to host this festival in 2014 and since then, she continues to elevate her stage performance each time, bold and proud, bigger and better. Anime has moderated many panel discussions with impressive influential people: Mayor John Tory, Former Councillor Olivia Chow the late former Mayor Rob Ford, Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, TV Show “The Voice” coach Tamara Beatty, CTV News anchor Paulina Chan, Author J.L. Witterick (My Mother’s secret), and most notably author Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale). Anime also enjoys MCing weddings. She is a staple at many of the downtown venues such as Casa Loma, Liberty Grand, Rosewater, Palais Royale, Berkeley Church and Fieldhouse. Not only does she have a genuine desire to connect with people and immerse herself in the magic of the occasion, but she puts a tremendous amount of effort in personalizing the wedding for the couple and feels like family when on the microphone. As an add-on services, Anime has DJ'd many family friendly weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. She has a knack for reading the crowd and adjusting the mood based on the desired feel for the event. Anime is an incredible act and a genuinely beautiful person.

Steve Goodtime

Toronto, ON
Services: Circus
Events: Street Festival

A hilarious rock n' roll circus shows performed by the super handsome and witty Steve Goodtime. With routines including mouthstick, fire breathing, guitar slaying, juggling, and a terrifying finale while balanced atop a 12ft pole! He's also great at air guitar, high fives, and kick jumps. Steve Isn't the only one that gets to have all the fun, there is plenty of volunteer participation in the show. If you don't make it uo on stage, don't worry, you'll still feel like you're in the greatest party of your life!