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Looking for entertainment to spice up your event, (business party, corporate event, show, party etc). Looking for something of high value or ? Why not hire Comedian Jugglers? Whether it's friends, family or colleagues you can count on Karl and The Prodigy the Comedian Jugglers to satisfy your entertainment needs for all ages. By booking shows with Karl and The Prodigy not only will you get a good deal on any shows or events but you will be help benefiting their post secondary education. Karl and The Prodigy perfrom a variety of stunts: juggles and passes torches, knives between them. They juggle and perform highly difficult and professional tricks with: bowling balls, apples 8, 7,6, 5,4,3 balls, rings, clubs. They interact people comedy, 6 foot unicyles with into their performances. They also do a variety of head balancing while juggling for extend periodes of time from clubs to large unicycles. They can perform night routines involving glow objects and much much more... Karl and The Prodigy is a memorable act from Toronto Canada. On stage they are dry humoured duet. With combining dry humour comedy and over 20 years of combined juggling experience you can count a great time of entertainment and laughs with Karl and The Prodigy.

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