Stilt Characters Galore




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Years of making stilt character costumes means that we have TONS of them. Characters for every occasion! Do you need stilt pirates? Storybook characters? Giant chefs? Mounties? London Bobbies? Construction workers? Fishermen? Scarecrows? Giant flowers? A giant tree? A giant jack frost and snow queen? A nutcracker character? A marie Antoinette? A stilt ballerina? We've got those and tons more... Sports themed stilt characters? We have hockey players, a basketball player, a tennis player, a karate outfit, baseball players, and a tennis player. How about a traditional stilt walker who also juggles and does hat tricks and pocket magic? Covered. Light up stilt costumes with colour changing LEDs? Yup. Is there a stilt costume that you need that's not on this list? Give us a call... if we don't have it we can make it.

Price Range: $$$