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Dawn Dreams is a motivational educator and performing artist. She has performed in 4 different continents, in 14 countries, and 35 cities around the world. She completed an arts residency at Le CouveNt in France which reset her artistic practice from the ground up. By reexamining how to walk, speak, drive and develop presence on a stage in one of the richest cultural centres, she came out with a deepened understanding of herself and the world around her. Some of Dawn’s experiences include: living in a converted convent in provincial France working on a 40 minute solo show focused on juggling letters of the alphabet; hula hooping with a samba band during a thunderstorm at a clown convention in Rio de Janeiro; Performing a 40 minute one woman juggling show to Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade with a full orchestra in Ontario, Canada; Stilt walking up mountains through to a group of hula hooping child monks in Thailand. She’s been pepper sprayed by a riot canon because she was juggling for a crowd too close to the Santiago university riots; and she’s also crossed the border to Burma with 20 fully dressed clowns in a tuk-tuk to then perform her 1-5 ball act to the most gracious people.

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